Donating To Thanet Trust

February 13th, 2024

The Brewers Foundation were delighted to be able to support Thanet Trust by donating 32.5L of paint and a range of tools and sundries to support their latest decorating project. As a registered charity, Thanet Trust has been helping the residents of Thanet since 2002.

Their mission is the relief of poverty among local, vulnerable and disadvantaged people. Through their work, they have changed the lives of thousands of people. Their focus is on helping people into work, helping hundreds of local people into jobs and training. They help people raise their skills, gain qualifications, look for work and start their own businesses. 

The training room before renovations.

The Thanet Trust multi-purpose community centre has a diverse range of spaces and rooms catered to a wide range of needs of the community. There are small rooms used for talking therapies bringing serenity and focused healing, places for children to play and classrooms buzzing with knowledge! They also have small offices that serve as launchpads for aspiring local entrepreneurs, breathing life into the local community. 

The renovation process.

Thanet Trust were looking to refresh this much-loved space and make more room for everyday activities. Before the work was undertaken, a large training room had two entrances next to each other and a room divider, dividing the room into two smaller rooms. This room divider was rarely used, as each room would only be able to accommodate 5-6 people seated around one table. The room also had a whiteboard which would be used for classroom training and as a projector screen, which affected its clarity, especially during busy History Club sessions!

A new space has also been created for essential first aid equipment.

They wanted to remove the room dividers to create more space. This task proved trickier than expected due to the sheer size and weight of each divider. This stage of work also included a new wall being made adjacent to the existing store cupboards in the room (which also resulted in a new storage area outside this room). After a few coats of paint, this room is now finished! 

You can find more information about Thanet Trust here: