The Earth Collection from Earthborn

August 4th, 2020

Earthborn’s latest collection of paint colours is now available from Brewers.

The Earth Collection, is a palette of five harmonious new paint shades inspired by the natural world.

Each colour is themed around the earth, land, sand, sea and clouds. Longevity and timeless appeal are at the heart of The Earth Collection.

Crocky Road

Inspired by the earth, this cool beige is a natural choice for living rooms. Its faintest green undertone lends Crocky Road an easy, earthy quality.

Up Up Away

Inspired by the clouds, Up Up Away is cool, calm and collected. A relaxed off-white shade that’s at home in all spaces.


Inspired by the land, this elegant grey-green is reminiscent of misty, mountainous landscapes. Pair with earthy yellows for a bolder scheme.


Inspired by the sea, this warm denim shade has a casual charm. Be transported to still ocean waters, with this versatile, mid-toned blue. It’s ideal in sociable areas of the home. Aye Aye captain!

Sandy Castle

Inspired by the sand, we’ve captured the feeling of sunlight on sand dunes to create our own take on cream. An all-round shade for walls and woodwork.