The Perfect Product for a Giant Tipi!

January 28th, 2022

Local Area Development Manager Harry Stone always ensures that his customers receive the best possible service. This was no exception when owner of Preston Bissett Nurseries & Country Shop Jacky Richardson came to Harry with an intriguing project!

In the heart of the nursey is The Garden Tipi, a fantastic space where customers of the nursey can pause for a little refreshment, serving tea, coffee, and a range of delicious baked goods. The bright and spacious tipi has the true wow factor but presented some decorating challenges as it was constructed in the middle of winter.

Jacky asked Harry for some woodcare advice as she wanted to make sure the floor of the tipi could withstand high traffic, whilst also enhancing the natural beauty of the woodgrain. When Harry went to visit the site, he was able to take away some offcuts of the flooring so that he could test the products which would be the most suitable for the substrate.

Harry tested two products: Polyvine Heavy Duty Extreme Varnish and Osmo Polyx-Oil 3032 Clear Satin. Jacky’s contractors also mentioned that they wanted to roll on the product, so Harry tested these products using a roller, as a lot more of the product would be applied in a single coat.

Once Harry had created the samples, he took them back to site so Jacky could decide on the product they wanted to use for the project. Polyvine Heavy Duty Extreme Varnish was chosen due to cost-effectiveness, being able to apply the product with a roller with two coats, and it has a faster drying time in cold weather conditions.

Since Polyvine Heavy Duty Extreme Varnish cured quicker in the tipi, the contractors were able to finish the interior of the tipi knowing the floor was protected. The product was able to withstand the high traffic of the contractors and is ready to welcome customers!

The Garden Tipi is open daily from 10am-4pm. For more information about Preston Bissett Nurseries and Country Shop, please click here.

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