Supporting Wayfinder Woman’s Regal Variety Show

June 21st, 2022

Wayfinder Woman’s main fundraiser of the year involved a live painting performance which Brewers were more than happy to donate some overalls, kettles, and dust sheets to ensure only the canvas was covered in paint!

The Regal Variety show was held at the Grove Theatre, Eastbourne which was a fantastic event filled with live music, comedy, performance poetry, tap dancing and live action painting. The event was a roaring success thanks to the incredibly talented performers, an amazing audience and the volunteers who put the whole event together.

The Wayfinder Woman Trust help women find better lives by building their self-confidence and skill sets, and help employers be the best they can be in creating an environment where women can thrive. Run by women, for women, they help those who are feeling anxious and uncertain about themselves or their future. By building their self-confidence and skills, they then can challenge any barriers that face them in finding a better life.

The Regal Variety Show is just one of many ways Wayfinder Woman raise funds to support their incredible work. If you would like to find out more about the Trust, please click here.

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