Anaglypta RD100 52cm x 10m

A textured decorative wallcoverings for interior walls. Hides surface imperfections. Allows walls to breathe and overcoatable with most interior paint finishes.
Anaglypta RD100

In detail

Anaglypta RD100 Arundel is from the Anaglypta Original range. It is a textured decorative paper for hanging on interior walls.Available in various styles and patterns, it has the benefit of hiding surface imperfections, whilst allowing the wall surface to breath.Once hung and dry, it can be over coated with most interior decorative wall paints.The pattern is imprinted to a raised design and backed onto a separate layer of paper.Each roll will cover an area of 5sq/m.For hanging, a good quality adhesive suitable for heavy weight papers is recommended.

52cm x 10m