High performance, anti-corrosive and rust inhibiting, for interior and exterior use. Ideal for iron and steel.
Metal Primer Grey

In detail

Albany Metal Primer is a high VOC content finish. It is applied by brush, roller or spray. It is suitable for interior and exterior use and touch dry in 6-8 hours, recoatable after 16-24 hours.

Application Methods
Airless Spray, Brush, HVLP Spray, Roller
Up to 13sq/m per litre 
VOC level
Not Recommended 
Touch dry
4-8 hours 
12-24 hours 
Brush cleaner or White spirit 

* Colours on screen may vary from actual paint

Additional information

Albany Metal Primer is recommended as an anti-corrosive, rust inhibiting primer for interior and exterior use on all ferrous metal substrates after thorough surface preparation. If necessary it can serve as a holding primer for up to 3 months. (For galvanised steelwork use Albany All Purpose Primer).


Remove all rust, millscale, loose and flaking material back to a firm edge by chipping, scraping and wire brushing. Feather off edges and ensure that the surface is free from grease. For best results, steel must be cleaned back to a bright metal and painted immediately. Avoid the inhalation of dust. Wear a suitable face mask if dry sanding.


• Stir well before use.

• Brushing is recommended to provide better penetration of the product and adhesion to the substrate.

• One litre covers up to 13 sq metres depending on the method of application and surface roughness.

• Surface dry in 6-8 hours. Recoatable after 16 hours in normal drying conditions.

• Clean equipment immediately after use with a proprietary cleaner.

• Do not use in temperatures below 8°C.

Transportation and storage

• Ensure this pack is stored upright and secure at all times. C Brewer & Sons Limited cannot accept liability for damage caused by spillage.

• Protect this pack from temperatures below 5°C or above 40°C.