Bird Brand
Linseed Oil Boiled 5L

A sealing natural oil. Nourishes and treats wood, terracotta and porous floor tiles.
Linseed Oil Boiled

In detail

Bird Brand Boiled Linseed Oil is a traditional vegetable oil for nourishing and treating tired woods, sealing terracotta and porous floor tiles. Faster drying oil and darker oil than Raw Linseed. 

Extra coats will build to a satin finish. For woods with a higher density like green oak where a slower drying oil is best, use Bird Brand Raw Linseed Oil instead. 

Application is by brush or cloth. First coats should be thinned with Genuine Turps or White Spirit and any excess oil should be ragged off to avoid tackyness. 

* Rags containing Linseed Oil are liable to spontaneous combustion- follow manufacturers advice on label*

Application Methods
Brush, Cloth

Additional information


Use Raw Linseed Oil on Oak and Boiled for other timbers and applications. Clean the surface with Bird Brand White Spirit and ensure it is dry and free of any other coatings. Apply sparingly using a brush or cloth and wipe off any excess oil before it starts to dry otherwise a tacky residue will remain that can only be removed by abrasive sanding. On very porous surfaces the first coat of Linseed Oil can be diluted by 10% with Bird Brand White Spirit or Genuine Turpentine. If being applied to old Oak beams the wood will darken considerably. Apply as many coats as necessary to achieve a good finish. Use Bird Brand White Spirit to clean equipment.