Oil Extra Pale Varnish Eggshell 1L

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Extremely durable, high quality, eggshell finish for interior use.
Oil Extra Pale Varnish Eggshell

In detail

Extremely durable, high quality eggshell finish which reduces yellowing and preserves the natural appearance of wood. A unique oil based varnish made from selected resins and oils to help achieve an extremely pale colour.

High quality and durable coating with an eggshell finish that dries to a stain resistant film. Reducing yellowing characteristics compared with polyurethane varnishes. It is easy to apply and highly heat and water resistant. 

Application Methods
Brush, Roller, Spray
Up to 15sq/m per litre 
VOC level
Not Recommended 
Touch dry
1-4 hours 
4-8 hours 
Suitable for...
Interior use 
Brush cleaner or White spirit 

Additional information

Surface Preparation

New Interior Woodwork: Ensure the surface is clean and dry and abraded to a smooth surface. Joints, splits and other imperfections make good with suitable wood filler. Allow to harden and abrade to a smooth surface. Remove all particles of dust by vacuuming and / or wiping with a cloth dampened with white spirit. Oily woods such as teak should be thoroughly washed with white spirit. Stir the varnish thoroughly before and during use.

Sealing: The first coat is usually applied by brush but on hardwood a cloth pad technique may be adopted. The use of a cloth pad may be advantageous in obtaining a higher degree of penetration and thus assisting adhesion. Thinning with up to 10% white spirit will improve penetration on hardwoods.

Finishing: Stir the varnish thoroughly. Sedimentation will occur during storage. The product will always reconstitute with stirring. The application of a further 2 coats is recommended after the sealing coat has been allowed to dry. Low temperatures and poor ventilation will increase the recoating time.

Previously Varnished Surfaces: If the varnish is in sound condition, clean down to remove dirt, grease, oil and wax polish. Remove any poorly adhering or defective varnish by scraping back to a firm edge. Make good any cracks or imperfections with a suitable wood filler. If the existing varnish is in poor condition, remove it completely and treat as described under 'New Interior Woodwork'.


Brush: Always use a good quality, soft bristle brush. Extra pale Varnish should be flowed on with the minimum brushing required to avoid runs. It has excellent flow, good wet edge time and is easily applied by brush under normal conditions.

Roller: For best results a good quality varnish roller is recommended, finish off by a light brushing out.

Spray: Spray gun manufacturer's advice should be followed and dilution up to a maximum of 10% white spirit will achieve the required viscosity in most cases.

Clean Up

Any equipment can be cleaned using white spirit before the clear coat dries. Wipe any excess off surfaces with a damp cloth. Any dried deposits will need a paint stripper to remove them.