Wax Remover 500ML

Colron Wax Remover removes old traditional natural finishes.
Wax Remover

In detail

Colron Wax Remover removes old traditional natural finishes, without damaging the wood underneath. 

Ideal for wax and oil finishes. Dissolves wax, lacquer and traditional natural varnishes. Ideal to remove a build up of product.


Additional information


  • Pour a suitable amount of liquid into a wide mouthed jar and dip a small piece of Colron Medium Wool into the liquid.
  • Rub a generous amount in the direction of the grain working on about one square foot at a time.
  • The finish will become 'sticky' and dirty as it dissolves the old finish.
  • Keep applying more liquid, rubbing gently.
  • When the finish is fully dissolved, wipe it off with a clean cloth.
  • Take a clean piece of Colron Medium Steel Wool dipped in fresh Colron Wax Remover and wipe over the entire surface to remove lap marks.
  • Leave to dry thoroughly and finish off by rubbing briskly with clean, dry Colron Medium Steel Wool.
  • Remove the dust with a clean cloth and apply a finish.

Clean Up

Clean spills with cloths soaked in white spirit. Dispose of used wire wool carefully, outside the home.