Danish Oil Satin 25L

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Brings out the natural beauty of wood and veneered surfaces.
Danish Oil Satin

In detail

An oil finish, suitable for all types of wood. 

Differs from Teak Oil in that it contains special ingredients, which prevent it drying to a gloss. 

An easy to use wipe on finish, which brings out the beauty of the timber and gives a natural, open grained, soft lustrous finish. 

Ideal for all woods and is excellent on turned woodwork. 

Danish Oil is a unique formulation developed by Rustins. 

Application Methods
Brush, Cloth
Up to 14sq/m per litre 
VOC level
Not required 
Touch dry
1-4 hours 
4-8 hours 
Brush cleaner or White spirit 

Additional information

The surface must be clean, sanded smooth and free from contaminants like wax and dirt. For best results apply to dry, sound wood with a moisture content between 12-20%. Do not apply to green timber. Oily woods (e.g. Teak. Iroko) should be cleaned thoroughly with white spirit before application of Danish Oil. Exterior wood requires a minimum of 3 coats applied liberally and not wiped off.

To improve the penetration and durability dilute the first coat 20% with white spirit. If applying Danish Oil to veneered doors, it is advisable to check with the door manufacturer before proceeding. Exterior wood will require regular re-oiling, especially on horizontal surfaces and in very exposed conditions. Oak and softwoods are prone to weather staining caused by moisture activating mould spores present naturally in the wood. It is advisable to treat the wood with Rustins Advanced Clear Wood Preserver before applying Danish Oil. Extra coats of Danish Oil are required to effectively seal these timbers. If in doubt use Rustins Outdoor Clear Varnish or Rustins Flexterior. Bare wood may be dyed if required with Rustins Wood Dye. If a natural open grain is not required such as with oak, then use Rustins Grain Filler prior to oiling.

Using a clean soft cloth or brush apply liberally, then wipe off the excess after a few minutes. For a superior smooth finish the final coat may be applied using a plastic scouring pad, rubbing in the direction of the grain, wiping away the surplus with a soft cloth or paper towels. New or bare wood should be oiled 3 times initially.

Re-Coating Time
Allow 4 to 8 hours between applications depending on the temperature and humidity.

When applying to previously oiled wood, the surface should be cleaned and any wax removed using white spirit or Rustins Surface Cleaner. Wipe away the solution formed with clean paper towels, prior to re-oiling. If the surface develops a slight gloss, this can be removed by rubbing with grade 00 or 000 steel wool and either wax polish or white spirit finishing off with a soft cloth. If compatibility with a previously coated surface is not known, then test by applying to a small area first.

1 litre covers approximately 14 square metres per coat depending on the absorbency of the wood.

Remove excess product from brushes before cleaning whilst wet with white spirit or Rustins Brush Cleaner. Hard brushes can be cleaned with Rustins Brush Restorer.