Hard Wax Oil Clear 2.5L

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Easy to apply, hard wearing, water and stain resistant satin finish for internal woodwork.
Hard Wax Oil Clear

In detail

Gives a hard wearing, clear satin finish to internal woodwork which is subject to a high degree of wear. 

Brings out the natural beauty of the wood and is easy to apply and maintain. 

Application Methods
Brush, Cloth

Additional information

Briwax Hard Wax Oil is based on a mixture of natural vegetable oils, waxes and resins dissolved in white spirit giving an attractive, durable finish. Suitable for use on internal woodwork subject to a high degree of wear; i.e. over wood flooring. Briwax Hard Wax Oil brings out the natural beauty of the wood and makes wood colours become richer/warmer. Briwax Hard Wax Oil is easy to apply and maintain, leaving a wear, water and stain-resistant finish to woodwork.

The wood must be bare, or sanded clean of any previous coatings. The wood must also be smooth, dry and free from wax, dust and surface contaminants. Remove any waxes present with Rustins Surface Cleaner and a scouring pad. Wipe off residue with clean rags. Oily timbers such as Teak or Iroko must be wiped over with white spirit to remove surface oils which may inhibit drying and penetration of Briwax Hard Wax Oil. Nail holes or narrow gaps may be filled with Rustins Floorboard Gap and Joint Filler. Do not use knotting.

Use a brush, sponge or roller. Apply evenly in the direction of grain. Leave for a few minutes, then remove excess pools of material using a sponge or rag, spreading any excess oil evenly over the surrounding area. Note: Briwax Hard Wax Oil may darken some woods, therefore coating a test area first is advised. Rustins Wood Dye may be used under or mixed with Briwax Satin Hard Wax Oil if desired. Test before proceeding if other brands of wood colourant are to be used.

The floor should be vacuumed or swept and then cleaned with a well-wrung cloth or mop, using a mild detergent solution. Dirt and scratches may be removed by careful rubbing with a plastic scouring pad. If the surface has become dull or worn, it may be revived after cleaning, by re-oiling.

Re-coating Time
4 - 6 hours, depending on temperature and humidity, optimum application temp. 15-25°C under dry, well ventilated conditions. Do not apply below 5°C.

This tin will cover approximately 20-30 sq.m. per litre, depending on the nature and absorbency of the wood.

Clean brushes with white spirit or Rustins Brush Cleaner if still wet. Hard brushes may be cleaned with Rustins Brush Restorer. Hardened oil may be removed using Rustins Strypit Paint & Varnish Stripper.