Angled Oval Brush 2"

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An Angled Oval Brush with Advantage PBT synthetic filaments and a US style hardwood handle ideal for large areas, cutting-in and trim work.
Angled Oval Brush

In detail

The Picasso Angled Oval Brush is ideal for large areas and cutting-in on detail and trim work with control and precision. It has a hard line interior construction with Advantage PBT synthetic filaments and a US style hardwood handle. 

  • Oval ferrule creates a huge paint reservoir in the brush head for a leap in productivity.
  • Hard line interior design prevents the ferrule from ever becoming loose.
  • 'No-drip after cleaning' feature due to fully back-filled epoxy ferrule brush setting.
  • Advantage PBT filament blend is ideal for laying out paint, stains and varnish, it cleans up easily too.
  • Hand chiselled acid dipped tips releases paint evenly and smoothly for improved engagement with the substrate. 

Patented hard line advanced interior design permanently marries the handle to the ferrule with a fully back-filled epoxy setting and additional hardware, that means the ferrule will never become loose. The fully back-filled epoxy setting has an additional 'no drip after cleaning' benefit, by eliminating the space behind the brush setting, where paint, brush cleaner and water can collect. Available in 2'.