Classic 390 PC Stand 110V Sprayer

Solid structure which is lightweight meaning it is easily portable.
Classic 390 PC Stand 110V Sprayer

In detail

Graco Classic 390 PC Stand 110V has a solid structure which is lightweight meaning it is easily portable, it has many features with why this machine is ideal for spraying in residential jobs. 

This is a list of some of the features this machine offers.

  • Proconnect™ this is a quick and easy pump replacment system when following 3 simple steps, a programme is offered to help aid in this area of the machine.
  • Endurance™ Pump this pump has a hard stainless steel cylinder which helps it with being one of the best in the market, it has a quick access intake valve which enables it to have an easy clean.
  • Advantage Drive™ this machine has steel gears which allows them to run extremley quiet, it also has a high-ratio reduction which then aids in the slow pump stroking.
  • Easy Out™ Pump Filter the pump filter has a vertical design which helps with the reduction of spillages, there is an area of filtering which is 7.8 square-inch which reduces the chances of tip clogging. This machine is designed with a flow-through system that only cleans with a few gallons.
Unit Supplied with:
1 x Basic unit, Graco Classic 390 ProContractor Stand 110V
1 x FTX-E airless gun (4 finger)
1 x PAA517 airless tip
1 x 15Mtr ¼” BlueMax II airless hose, 230 bar
1 x RAC X 7/8” tip holder
1 x Easy-Out 60 mesh gun filter
1 x 118ml TSL bottle
1 x Gun tool

Suitable for...
Light/occasional commercial use 
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Maximum working pressure (psi)
Maximum fluid flow (lpm)
Maximum tip size (Thou inch)
Motor rating (Kw / hp)
Material and solvent capacity
Solvent and water based 
Guns supported (Max)
Noise level (dB)
Man. Part No.