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A brown multi purpose putty replacement

In detail

A brown multi purpose putty replacement. A permanently elastic alternative to putty for new glazing and renovation and restoration applications in wooden and steel frames. 

Can also be used for filling nail and screw holes. Suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Suitable for...
Interior and exterior use 

Additional information

Surface Preparation


Remove all failed putty. Check the moisture content of the wood and the condition of the wood. Repair any decayed or damaged timber. All surfaces to which Dry Seal MP is to be applied must be free of dust, dirt, moisture, grease, oil and surface contamination.

Where paint has been removed, ensure that there is no burnt wood or raised fibres. Thoroughly sand back to bare shiny wood and pre treat with a primer. Allow the primer to dry.


Remove all failed putty. The substrate must be free of oxidation, dirt, moisture, grease and residual putty, mastic or sealant.

Pre treat with a corrosion resistant quick drying primer before the application of Dry Seal MP.


  • When using the product as a sealant, make sure that application results in a good bond between Dry Seal MP and the substrate.
  • Avoid air bubbles when applying Dry Seal MP.
  • Always ensure that Dry Seal MP is applied in such a way that it has a water shedding profile.
  • If finishing Dry Seal MP with a paint or stain, this can be done after 2 hours.