Brush Cleaner 2L

Fast acting, water soluble cleaning solution for removing paint from brush bristles.
Brush Cleaner

In detail

A blue, water-soluble cleaner for safely removing paint from brush bristles.

Excellent grease removing properties from many types of materials and can be washed away with water.


Additional information

Cleaning Paint Brushes/Rollers

Dip brush or roller into liquid and work well in, especially at the stock of brush. Rinse under tap. Repeat if necessary. Also ideal for cleaning roller trays.

Softening Hardened Paint Brushes

Allow brush to soak in liquid until softened. Working bristles to and from will speed operation. Note: If the brush is very old and paint encrusted, it will be quicker to use Paint Stripper.


Ideal for cleaning baths, sinks, etc. Use on a a damp cloth. Also makes an excellent cleaner for car engines and removing oil spots from garage floors.