Decorating Hallways...8 Ideas To Inspire!

March 29th, 2024

Your hallway has the potential to create a beautiful first impression to your home. Since hallways come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, it's crucial to really think about the space; What do you use your hallway for? What feeling do you want to create in your hallway? Is there any natural light? We have put together eight different hallway decor ideas which will make the best use of your space.

Reflect Light.

If the space has minimal access to natural light, you might want to consider using neutral warm tones that will make your dark space seem a lot brighter. Lighter colours are known for their light reflecting properties and so warm greys and pastel tints are a good choice for a sophisticated look whilst encouraging as much light into the space as possible. Using a large hallway mirror will also reflect any light in the space, creating an airier feel, and introducing bright lighting will help keep the darkness at bay. 

If your hallway has a lot of light already, using these colours will enhance the bright and airy feel, evoking a sense of calm throughout your home.

Warm and Welcoming.

Using a cheery yellow hue is a sure fire way to brighten up any hallway!

Using yellows such as Albany’s Custard Cream, Parasol Stripe or Castle Keep will make your home feel warm and welcoming, encouraging your guests to feel at home and instantly uplifted. The colour yellow has positive psychological qualities as it encourages optimism, happiness and confidence - the perfect emotions to evoke in your entrance-way, and a great small hallway idea.

Bring the Outside In.

If your hallway leads through to your garden or has windows revealing the nature outside your home, why not invite it in? Leafy greens can be used to get back to nature and harmonise your home with the outdoors. Why not try Gardener's Trug or Bay Leaf. These are beautiful greens which can really entice the outdoors in.

If you want to take this idea one step further, you could use botanical wallpaper. With so many designs to choose from inspired by the natural world, this is a really easy way to incorporate a number of colours creating a cohesive, natural feel to your home.


Wallpapering a hallway is a great opportunity to choose the wallpaper you have always loved, but may have felt too daring in a living space. Wallpaper can be a great way to showcase your personality and style, so what better way than to use it to introduce your home.

Most wallpapers work in a hallway, but you do have to consider what impact different types of pattern will have depending on the shape of your hall. Small hallways are usually long and narrow so avoid a horizontal pattern which could make the hallway look even narrower. Try to select a wallpaper with a vertical design as it will make people look up rather than along the space. If you want your home to have a really cohesive feel, consider using the wallpaper colour palette or coordinating colours in the rooms leading off from the hallway.

Be Bold.

In living spaces you have to really think about the feeling you want to create, as you will be the one using the space for different daily tasks. In a hallway, you can throw the rule book out of the window! You can choose to co-ordinate your hallway with the rest of the house or simply use your favourite colour. Using bold colours can create a real contrast with the rest of your home, and leave a lasting impression on your guests!

The beauty about hallway design is that you do not have to think about colour co-ordinating with pieces of furniture either. It is the perfect space to play with colour drenching, using the one colour you love most to paint the walls, ceilings, doors, trim and radiators will make the small space seem larger. You can even experiment with different tints, tones and shades of one colour to achieve the same effect for a really chic monochromatic look.

Make a Statement with Panelling.

Traditionally, panelling was used to create extra durability as it provides an extra layer of protection against your walls. In high traffic areas such as hallways, overcoated with a durable paint such as eggshell or gloss, panelling is a great way to provide maximum protection against bikes, muddy paws, wellies and more!

As well as their practical side, panelling has also become a highly decorative feature, especially when they can create a beautiful two tone to a space using colour. You can even combine panelling and wallpaper for a traditional feel or go bold with your colour choices. Panelling is the very start of the creative process!

Colour Blocking.

Whilst panelling can create a real chic look, a really easy, low cost version would be to colour block the walls. Not only is this a cost effective way to achieve the same look, it is also a really modern update to traditional panelling. However, this effect does have to be carefully considered if you have a long, narrow space as this could make the hallway feel longer and narrower. Using the same colour tones for this technique is the best way to avoid this.


Once you have settled on a colour scheme, it's time to think practically. Whilst you may not 'live' in your hallway space it may prove useful for storage of shoes, coats and more. Think about the storage solutions you might need for your hallway which will need to match your chosen colour palette. Think about painting shelves, racks or even seating in the same colour as your walls to seamlessly blend into the space.

Painting your concrete or wooden floor could also be a practical way to introduce colour into the space whilst also providing a highly durable finish Bedec Acrylic Floor Paint is a quick drying, non-slip finish which is available in a range of colours. For the best results, get your decorator in!

Since hallways are a high-traffic area, the type of paint you use on your walls is really important. Albany Durable Matt has a beautiful flat finish but is a highly durable, scrubbable paint. With hundreds of colours to choose from and Brewers' bespoke colour matching service, picking out the perfect colour has never been simpler.

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Decorating Hallways:

  1. Reflect light
  2. Warm and welcoming
  3. Bring the outside in
  4. Wallpaper
  5. Be bold
  6. Make a statement with panelling
  7. Colour blocking
  8. Practicalities