Play Areas and Learning Spaces

March 12th, 2021

Creating an engaging space for your child can help stimulate learning and foster their imagination. And with kids at home now more than ever before, it is the ideal time to design that perfect space for them. 

Whether you’ve a pre-schooler ready to play, or a teen needing some space for homework – and whether you have a desktop to decorate or a whole room to play with – these easy tips will help you create spaces that look great and are fit for the job.


Muddy hands? Budding artists with crayons near the walls? Your walls will look fresher for longer if you use scrubbable paints, such as Albany Durable Matt and Dulux Diamond Matt. Designed for high-traffic areas, these paints are easy to wipe down and restore to their former glory.


Making a blackboard is a quick and easy way to unleash your child’s creativity. Paint a board and attach it to the wall, paint a cupboard door, or child's table, or if you’ve space, paint a whole wall. 

Provide some chalk and there you go! Chalkboard/blackboard paints by Blackfriar and MagnaMuros (available in colours other than black!) are versatile and suitable for most indoor surfaces with an appropriate primer.


Why not turn your whole wall into a whiteboard? Ideal for doodling kids and note-taking schoolers, Sketch Paint by MagnaMuros allows you to transform walls, doors and cupboards into easy-to-wipe whiteboards. 


Organise your learning space by introducing a magnetic chalkboard. Rust-Oleum’s Magnetic Chalkboard paint can be used on most interior and exterior surfaces, including wood, metal, plastic and glass. Perfect for pinning up learning aids and annotating notes. 


Glitter walls are the ideal match for kids with a sparkling imagination! Polyvine Sparkling Metallic Glitter Glaze or Rust-Oleum Glitter Feature Wall paint can be painted onto previously painted walls, instantly turning them into a fun feature. For pops of glitter, furniture can be upcycled with Glitter Glaze to create a unique sparkle. If you’re painting afresh and still want to add that bit of magic, Polyvine Glitter Paint Maker can be added to many paints and comes in a range of colours - ask in-store for more information.


Metallic paints can add a magical element to a play area, or transform a more grown-up space for older children. Blackfriar’s Metallic Paint in gold or silver can be used to jazz up stools, ornaments, mirrors, picture frames and more.


For a true pop of colour, turn to neon paints. Whether you’re upcycling furniture, playboxes or pen pots and desk organisers, neon paints demand attention and are a lively addition to any space. Check our Rust-Oleum’s Neon Paint


There aren’t many things cooler than things that glow in the dark when you’re a kid! Many glow in the dark paints can be used on a multitude of surfaces, allowing you to turn furniture, ornaments and ceilings into magic after dark. Rust-Oleum’s Glow in the Dark paint is an off-white colour in natural light, and once charged by light, shines bright green after dark. Perfect for your young space enthusiast!

Create a feature with wallpaper:

Introducing wallpaper is a fun way to transform any kid’s space. Vinyl wallpaper is the ideal choice in a kid’s room, it being hardier and resistant to moisture penetrating the surface; however, products such as Polyvine Decorators Varnish can in some cases be used as a coating to help protect non-vinyl wallpapers. 

As for patterns, the world is your oyster! Palm-leaf wallpapers such as Baja by Albany are perfect for creating a jungle-inspired space for your little adventurer, or why not foster that limitless imagination with Space Animals by Albany? Geometric wallpapers are a great choice for older kids, being both playful and grown-up. Layla Faye has a great selection of bold geometrics and fun florals that come in a range of cheerful colourways to suit most schemes.

Although designed for walls (hence the name!) techniques such as decoupage also allow you to introduce a pop of pattern without decorating a whole wall. Objects and furniture can be easily transformed with adhesive, your favourite wallpaper and a topcoat.