Add Personality to your Kitchen with Albany

January 17th, 2024

Thinking about how you use your kitchen can be a great starting point to help you choose the best paint colours. Here is some kitchen paint colour inspiration to help you get started!

The Entertainer’s Kitchen:

If you like to entertain and the kitchen is at the very heart of this, consider a bold colour scheme. 

You might want to think about how the colour looks in the dark and the type of lighting you would need to introduce for full impact. 

Taping paint colour samples that have been brushed out on lining paper to your walls to see what it looks like in different lights is a great way to determine this.

Cote D’Azur - A rich teal for a cocooning feel

Iced Cupcake – A daring pink

Kingfisher - The darkest shade of teal giving a sense of luxury

Darling – A sugary bright pink

The Baker’s Kitchen:

Are you a keen baker? If you enjoy creating sweet treats, decorating your kitchen to harness this creativity could really help your next bake. 

Using sugary colours reminiscent of a Parisian patisserie could be just the inspiration you need.

Using marble and gold accents will give your kitchen a fresh, luxurious feel. 

You could use a patterned floor for added fun or opt for a wood flooring to add a natural element to the space. 

Accessories are key, so ensure your baking equipment, artwork or signs are a fun addition that really expresses you as a baker.

Waterbeach – A tranquil, pale blue

Butter – A pale, yet impactful yellow

Mallow Blush - A sugary pink

Apple Thyme – A pale, minty green

The Chef's Kitchen

If you’re a keen chef, use interior design to resemble the natural world and reflect the ingredients you cook with. 

If you’re feeling creative, you could use an earthy tone on your ground cabinetry and a natural green on the walls and wall cabinetry to resemble the way you would discover colour outside. 

If you eat in your kitchen, using natural colours will tantalise those taste buds and reflect your fresh, homemade dishes.

Incorporating natural woods or slate in flooring and accessories is a great way to build on this organic theme.

Bay Leaf - A muted mid green with a hint of grey

Latte – A soft taupe

Pudding – A rich, dramatic dark brown 

Cup of Sugar – A versatile white with cool undertones

Brownie – A soft, chocolate mid brown

The Family’s Kitchen: