Adding Drama with Paint Colour

November 14th, 2022

Using paint colour to add drama to your room can seem quite scary at first, but do not fear! We are here to put your mind at ease and show you some fantastic Albany colours which are perfect for adding drama to your space.

Photo courtesy of @chandandtara. Colour, Albany Black Hole.


An inky blue, perfect for creating a real atmosphere within a room.

Here is Georgina to show you her room in Highbrook!


A deep, muted violet with strong grey undertones. This is a great colour for achieving a cocooning feeling with a real sense of depth.


A daring pink designed to add instant fun to a space. 

A bold colour choice, if a bright pink brings you unparalleled amount of joy why not go for it! 

This could be particularly lovely for a little one’s bedroom.

Plumpton Green

A rich, olive green guaranteed to add some sophisticated freshness to your walls. 

This colour would look fantastic in a kitchen or living space.

Once you have chosen your paint colour, thinking about where to use it is very important for maximum impact. 

Make sure you paint out your samples onto lining paper and place them around the room to see how to feel about the colour in the space first. 

Once you’re happy with your chosen shade, check out 6 totally trending ways you can use paint colour!