Designing a Bathroom Scheme

April 2nd, 2024

Whether you’re looking to redecorate your existing bathroom or you’re starting from scratch, we have put together two palettes inspired by the mystical seas for two completely different looks.

The Mermaid Palette:

Inspired by cool blues and sugary pinks, the mermaid palette creates a fresh and inviting bathroom space. 

Mythical creatures who reside in the sea, mermaids are found in folktales across many cultures and have a magical quality to them. 

We have teamed our scheme with silver hardware for a classic look with scalloped shaped tiles and Albany Zodiac wallpaper in the pink colourway, tying the mythical scheme all together. 

Fondant - a warm, pastel pink

Clement white – a warm, milky white

Tiffany – a warm, reddish pink that packs a punch

Bridgewater – a warm green with blue undertones

Litlington - a teal shade with rich depth of colour  

The Siren Palette:

For full on drama, the siren palette incorporates the darkest and richest colours from the Albany Design Collection to bring you a dark and moody scheme. 

Sirens originate from Greek mythology where human like figures reside in the sea and lure sailors with their sweet melody.

The colours can be teamed with gold bathroom hardware for more of an antique look or black for a sleek and modern feel. 

The palette can also be broken down into two schemes; Wolf Grey, Highbrook and Storm Blue or Cinders, Meghan and Wembury.

Cinders – a black with a touch of brown creating warming depth

Storm blue - a captivating inky blue layered with undertones of green and black for warmth and depth

Meghan - A deep shade of violet with warming grey tones

Wolf grey - a warm and inviting shade of dark grey adding drama and grandeur to your scheme

Wembury - A warm violet with grey undertones

Highbrook – A deep, rich blue designed to add instant drama to your walls