Go Green with Your Next Decorating Scheme

August 31st, 2023

Green has taken the interiors world by storm over the past couple of years due to its obvious connection to nature and has a beautifully calming effect within a space. Here we take you through a journey of green and talk about what kind of green you should use as your next paint colour.

Getting the right tone:

Greens with yellow undertones feel warmer which is perfect for north or east facing rooms. Pale greens with blue undertones are cooler and work perfectly to balance the warmth you find in south and west facing rooms. 

Pale Greens:

Pale green walls can really encourage peacefulness into your room. Perfect for a lounge or bedroom, a pale green will exude a relaxing feel. Combined with natural woods and earthy tones, you will never want to leave the house again.

Silver Surf a pastel green with yellow undertones.

Seaspraya refreshing green with subtle yellow undertones.

Fountaina cool green with strong blue undertones.

Silver Surf seen on the walls.

Yellow Greens:

As mentioned, yellow greens are much warmer and evoke a cheerier and more uplifting feel. You could choose a subtle colour for the walls and go bolder in your accent colour or on the trim.

Tea Tree – a more muted pastel lime green.

Forest Mist a warm pastel green with grey and yellow undertones.

Garden Delights – a vivid, zesty green with strong yellow undertones.

Plumpton Greena bold olive with yellow undertones.

Plumpton Green seen on the walls.

Grey Greens:

Greens with grey undertones act as a more neutral shade of green but you can still find warm and cool versions to suit your room. 

Pitapat a cool toned green with a very subtle hint of blue.

Firlea pure sage which is a beautiful shade of greyish green.

Adam a grey green with a hint of blue that offers a subtle, tranquil feel yet strong sense of colour.

Chester Green - a deep, atmospheric green with a hint of black.

Pitapat seen on the walls.