The Ultimate Guide to Isomat

February 29th, 2024

For over 40 years, ISOMAT has been making quality, reliable and expertly produced products with a focus on continuous development to become the brand people rely on. 

With innovation in water-based paint technology, International recognition and certification have followed. Isomat's PREMIUM product range includes interior and exterior paint products with benefits to suit every project. 

Eco-friendliness and Sustainability are other key features, with low emissions of interior emulsions providing a healthy living environment, yet also offering long-lasting durability in even the most challenging home environments.

 If you are looking for premium quality paints available in a wide range of colours, then choose ISOMAT for a sustainable future at Brewers Decorator Centres.

ΙSOMAT Colour System and Colour Collections

ISOMAT has developed an integrated & reliable tinting system offering over 50,000 colours, including its innovative colour collections (ISOMAT CHROMA, ISOMAT FACADE, ISOMAT PURE SOPHISTICATION). 

ISOMAT paints come in 3 different bases (base-P, base-D & base-TR), which can be tinted through ISOMAT Colour System using 16 highly concentrated colourants with zero VOCs for a healthy atmosphere in every space.

Explore the ISOMAT CHROMA fan deck!

CHROMA by ISOMAT is a carefully curated fan deck based on the latest trends in architecture and interior design worldwide and the direct correlation of colour with modern life and human psychology. 

This new fan deck was crafted with endless devotion and passion by a 12-member team of architects, interior designers, colour experts and paint chemists from the United Kingdom, Canada, and Greece. 

Get inspired by the 4 colour families – Off-whites, Neutrals, Naturals and Brights – unleash your creativity and take your living spaces to the next level. 

Boost your mood with the 1,550 unique colours included in the CHROMA fan deck by ISOMAT!

Certified products for green living

Aiming towards sustainability, ISOMAT is continuously developing and producing more and more premium quality products that contribute to a healthy living and working environment. 

These products have achieved internationally recognized certifications both for their technical characteristics and for their friendliness towards applicators, end-users, and the environment.

Such certifications include Blue Angel, Indoor Air Comfort Gold, EMICODE® and EU Ecolabel, to name but a few, and were awarded following rigorous testing by accredited certification bodies. 

What’s more, ISOMAT PREMIUM and PROFESSIONAL interior paint lines include child-safe paints that comply with EU Toy Safety Standards, meaning they do not release harmful compounds and are safe for children’s rooms, toys and furniture. 

Don’t forget to look for the relevant marks on the packaging!


ISOMAT ZERO PAINT is an innovative, environment- and user-friendly interior paint with 0% preservatives, specifically formulated for people who are allergic to fresh paint. 

The product is awarded the strictest eco-label, Blue Angel, for its very low emissions of volatile organic compounds, VOCs < 0.7 g/l, thus contributing to good indoor air quality. 

It is nearly odourless and washable (Class 1, EN 13300), while offering exceptional opacity with a flat matte finish.

In addition, ISOMAT ZERO PAINT is characterized by its high level of breathability, making it ideal for heritage properties where there is use of more traditional building materials such as lime plaster.