Trade vs Retail Paint

November 3rd, 2022

At Brewers, we only stock trade quality paints, but what does this mean? Here we explain a little bit more about trade quality paints and why they are worth the investment!

Superior Ingredients:

The formulation of trade paints is generally superior. Combining more higher-grade ingredients such as titanium dioxide (white pigment) and colourants (used for tinting) than DIY paints. 

They can also include specialist ingredients such as Zinc Phosphate and Biocides to provide additional superior properties such as protection from fungal degradation and anti-corrosion, not readily found in DIY paints. 

Superior Range

Trade paints offer a greater range of job specific products enabling the decorator, with their professional experience and knowledge, to judge each job’s unique situation and advise the client which paints are most suitable.

Superior Knowledge

Trade paints are distributed by decorator centres such as Brewers who can provide specialist knowledge about trade paints and their application.

Superior Performance

Trade paint has higher opacity and better coverage 30%-40% about retail equivalent. 

The higher opacity of trade paints means less chance of the substrate grinning through and therefore less coats are required. 

The paint life is extended as trade quality paints usually hold their colour longer and are more durable than DIY paints.