Celebrate Colour With Maximalism

October 2nd, 2023

When I think of maximalism, I think of bright colours, lots of clashing patterns, stuff everywhere and to be honest, a bit of a headache. If you’re like me and feel overwhelmed by the concept of maximalism don’t worry! It’s easy to create a beautiful maximalist scheme in a few simple steps.

Put together a colour palette.

Starting off with a colour palette is a great way to focus your scheme. With Albany, we decided to go all in with the brightest hues to show you how beautiful and chic even the boldest scheme can look. Maximalism by its very definition is being bold with design, so what better way to do this than through colour. Our colour palette consists of:

Ryedale – a bright, zesty orange bursting with positive energy.

Fiesta – a pure yellow hue, adding a lively touch to your décor.

October Scarf – a muted shade of purple.

Blissful Blush – a strong pink with red undertones.

Nail Bar – a cooler pink that is more harmonious with purples.

Toy Soldier – a bold purple with strong blue undertones.

Cluttercore like crazy!

Minimalism is cool and all but if you like representing your identity in your interior, cluttercore is where it’s at. Whether you collect postcards from places far and wide or see yourself as a curator of the quirky, showing them off proudly in your home is a great way to embrace the maximalist vibe. We created a space for an art lover and used our colour palette to express our favourite things through the canvas’. As you can see, every piece of artwork is so unique but unified through colour!

Harmonising your scheme with accessories.

We chose a neutral background so we could layer bold colours easily through a wide range of art, graphic cushions, lots of plants and colourful accessories. We have also introduced a range of patterns and texture with abstract art, colourful checks and a bold print in the rug. It can be difficult to strike a balance between mixing pattern and colour, so have fun and don’t feel as though everything needs to be over the top because you’re trying to achieve your maximalist dream.

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