Albany's Clashing Green Colour Palette

September 15th, 2023

If you’re a massive fan of green and can’t choose between them, why not create an all-green colour scheme? This is the perfect way to combine all the beautiful qualities of several greens and introduce balance into your home. We have chosen six colours from the Albany colour palette to get you all inspired!

Seaford – a minty, cool toned green with a very subtle hint of blue

Friston Forest – a deep, muted green with a cool undertone

Larling – a light blue green that will bring a real calming feel to your space

Icelandic Surf – a blue green with a hint of grey creating a versatile shade

Parsley – a bright, pea green with strong yellow undertones

Storm Blue – a captivating inky blue layered with undertones of green and black for warmth and depth

Combine your chosen colour scheme with green accessories. You can choose dark green glassware, mid green vases and of course a range of plants! We have also paired the look with an all-green wallpaper from the Albany Fantasy collection. Zodiac features a beautiful forest landscape scene with hidden zodiac signs nestled into the design.