Holistic Interior Design

May 15th, 2024

Mental wellbeing is extremely important, so how can you incorporate this into your interior space? Holistic interior design considers the psychological, physical and spiritual wellbeing of the people who will be using a space.

Holistic Interior Design and Colours for Wellbeing:

Colour can have an incredible impact on our mood and can create a real sense of feeling within a space. When creating a calming room, choosing soft and earthy tones reflective of natural colours can leave you feeling more relaxed.

The other core principles of holistic interior design:

Thoughtful design decisions that have the potential to support a person’s mind, body and soul

Prioritising the needs of human beings and how they would want to feel in a particular room

Acknowledging the natural world and how a space can still connect with the outside

Top Tips:

Flow and function – decluttering your home and thinking about the functionality of furniture and objects is the best way to encourage a positive energy into your space.

Air flow – think about air purifiers and letting the fresh air in as often as you can.

Connecting with nature – introducing plants, materials and colours reflecting the natural world is a great way to do this.

Let there be light – make sure there is plenty of light within the space and choose warm or cool lighting depending on how you want the space to feel. Lighting can have a significant effect on the atmosphere of a room.