5 Ways to Express Yourself in Your Home Office

May 30th, 2022

Working from home has allowed people to really value a space to be productive in at home. 

Whether an office is needed for work, uni, or simply a place for you to focus, making the environment feel personal is an important aspect. 

Adding colour can be a great way to inject some personality into the space, whether it’s a box room, part of a larger room, or even an outbuilding.

Use your favourite colour

If you have a colour you always go back to whether bold or neutral, introducing this hue to your office is a great way to make the space feel all about you. 

Taking some time to paint out samples of your chosen colour can help you settle on the correct choice for you and your workspace. 

If you have a corner of a room you use, you can use colour as a way to effectively zone the space. 

You could partially paint the wall in your chosen colour and be brave enough to take it up onto the ceiling, or you could paint your desk and add a subtle pop of colour instead. 

See how Georgina zones a workspace below>>

Match your space to the way you work

Do you like to be organised and tidy? Or do you prefer to spread out and let the creative juices flow? 

Using colour to evoke a certain feeling in your workspace could encourage the way you work.

 Using bold colours can create a real energy in the space, inspiring you to think creatively, whilst neutral shades can add a level of tranquillity and zen which you might prefer if you sometimes feel stressed or under pressure. 

Greens are a fantastic way of bringing the outside in, allowing yourself to get closer to nature whilst at work which also has a calming effect.

Create an inspirational space

What inspires you? 

Whether you love looking at brightly coloured patterned wallpaper, have beautiful pieces of art on the wall, or photographs of your favourite memories, your home office can spark inspiration and motivation. 

You could go one further and create bespoke pieces of art yourself to express your creativity.

Surround yourself with your favourite things

Introducing some of your favourite pieces into your office can be a great way to add character to your workspace as well as creating a space for your personality to flourish. 

Whether you have a collection of books or want to cover your entire office in plants, there are no rules here! 

Using your favourite objects as a main point of focus can help you think about building a colour palette around them, making the decoration of the space truly unique to you.

Get organised!

Using colour and decoration as a way of expressing yourself in your workspace must also work on a practical level. 

A lot of us simply do not have the luxury to devote an entire room to an office, so think about a place you can zone in your home for working needs that do not interfere with your down time.

Painting underneath the stairs, repurposing a cupboard with a secret splash of colour or having a desk with all the bells and whistles can help bring this separation.  

Clever uses of colour in this area will help you psychologically separate work life from home life whilst simultaneously making the whole space about you.

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