Painting Ceilings with Georgina Burnett

September 2nd, 2021

The use of colour is used most commonly on walls, but what about ceilings? As we know, the use of colour can evoke a wide range of feelings which can be further enhanced by painting your ceiling as well. Here is Georgina to explain 3 ways in which you can use colour in different ways to achieve a new sense of feeling in your home.

1. Bright and Light

If you want light to bounce off the ceiling to brighten up the room, you do not have to use brilliant white to achieve this. You can use a neutral colour that complements the walls instead.

2. Bold and Brave

If you want to add some drama to the room, you could use a darker colour than what’s used on the walls. It’s a bold move, but it can really add that all important wow factor making the room feel grander but also cosier at the same time. It is also effective if you have cornicing or coving and can paint them in a lighter or contrasting colour.

Top Tip: Why not try Benjamin Moore Ceiling Paint! This paint has been specially formulated for ceilings which is ultra-flat, designed to hide common ceiling imperfections for a flawless look. Benjamin Moore Ceilings paint is an acrylic coating specifically formulated for ceilings, with sufficient open time to ensure the slightest lapping and minimal splatter, with a quicker drying time for faster recoats. 

3. Cocooning and Calm

You can also paint your ceiling the same colour as the walls to give a real cocooning feel, which works great in a bedroom or snug. 

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