How to Paint a Shed With Georgina Burnett

June 2nd, 2021

Warmer weather is approaching, and we are all looking forward to spending more time in the garden. If you’re planning on doing some DIY this summer, we have plenty of tips and tricks to help you get your shed looking as good as new in no time!

Painting a garden shed is relatively easy to do, so whether you are an experienced DIYer or a decorating newbie we have you covered. Before you reach for the paintbrush, there is plenty of preparation to do!

Follow our easy step by step guide for perfect results!

1) Sand down your shed to remove rough surfaces and remove any loose material with a stiff brush. Use Oakey Liberty Green Sandpaper in P120. Don't forget to use PPE for all stages!

2) Remove any dust from sanding with a tack cloth or brush.

3) If there is any contamination, neutralise or remove with a cleaner such as methylated spirit and allow to dry. Try using Bird Brand Methylated Spirit.

4) Fill any minor holes and imperfections with a good quality wood filler which is as close to the colour of the timber as possible. Tip – if your finish is translucent, avoid filling large areas as they may be visible through the coating.

5) Sand to blend with the surrounding timber and remove any dust as before.

6) If you’re using a traditional paint system, you will need to apply knotting solution such as Rustins White Knotting to any knots in the timber.

7) Give the paint a good mix before and during the process to make sure you get a consistent sheen and colour. You will need to apply the paint in dry conditions with a temperature above 10 degrees. Use Cuprinol Garden Shades which is a semi-transparent matt finish treatment available in a variety of colours. If you'd prefer to protect end enhance the wood of your shed, use something like Ronseal One Coat Fence Life which, despite the name, isn't just for fences! 

8) When painting, make sure to pay attention to end grains, tops and bottoms of doors and undersides of sills.

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