How to Paint a Shed

March 27th, 2024

Whether you’re looking to update your old garden shed or paint your brand-new log cabin, we have some top tips and products to help you achieve a flawless finish whilst adding a perfect pop of colour to your garden.

Shed Paints, Log Cabin Paints and Other Finishes:

Sadolin Superdec – an opaque wood protective finish for a complete colour transformation. Check out the range of colours here.

Photo courtesy of @BreachRenovations. Product, Sadolin Superdec in Grey.

Osmo Country Colour – an opaque finish which is UV resistant, and effective in hiding the grain of the wood. View the colour range here.

Cuprinol Garden Shades – a semi-transparent finish, allowing the woodgrain to shine through. Explore the colour card here.

Photo courtesy of Cuprinol.

Osmo 420 – a clear, protective finish. If you want to change the shade of your outbuilding, apply a coat of Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain first.

Photo courtesy of @MrLPlastering. Product, Osmo 420 Clear Satin.

Sadolin Classic and or Sadolin Extra - a translucent finish, allowing the woodgrain to be shown while changing the colour and protecting the timber. Consult your local store to see which is suitable.

Photo courtesy of Sadolin.

Bedec Barn Paint – a micro-porous coating in a range of colours. Can be applied straight over previously painted surfaces including bitumen or creosote. 

Painting a Shed or Log Cabin - Preparation Top Tips!

Remove any dirt, mildew, moss, or ivy with a cleaner such as methylated spirit and allow to dry. 

Sand down your shed to remove rough surfaces and remove any loose material with a stiff brush. Use Oakey Liberty Green Sandpaper in P120

Photo courtesy of @DwarmeantDecorators. Product, Cuprinol Garden Shades in Gated Forest and White Daisy.

Remove any dust from sanding with a tack cloth or brush.

Fill any minor holes and imperfections with a good quality wood filler which is as close to the colour of the timber as possible. Top tip – if your finish is translucent, avoid filling large areas as they may be visible through the coating.

Sand to blend with the surrounding timber and remove any dust as before.

Photo courtesy of @BreachRenovations. Product, Sadolin Superdec in Grey.

If you’re using an oil-based paint system, you will need to apply knotting solution such as Rustins White Knotting to any knots in the timber. Top tip – if you are using a water-based product, you do not need to use knotting solution.

Give the paint a good mix before and during the process to make sure you get a consistent sheen and colour. You will need to apply the paint in dry conditions with a temperature above 10 degrees. 

When painting, don’t forget to paint end grains, tops and bottoms of doors and undersides of sills as they are easily missed!

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