Big Ben Case Study: Repair Care

October 10th, 2022

Repair Care supplied the DRY SEAL™ MP for use on a project at the iconic Elizabeth Tower, widely known as the Big Ben. This project was completed by Lenval Limited, where DRY SEAL™ MP was specially manufactured in a specific colour to ensure the product matched the existing frame.

The Elizabeth Tower

Commonly known as Big Ben, having been encased in scaffolding since 2017, the Elizabeth Tower has been undergoing its largest and most intricate conservation project in the history of the tower.

The project which takes place on a UNESCO World Heritage site, ensures that the clock tower is fit for the 21st century, and will be conserved for future generations to visit and enjoy.

Despite the damage it sustained during the second World War, the bells of the Elizabeth Tower have been ringing for over 160 years, this £80m renovation project will safeguard it for a further 160 years.

Dry Seal™ MP

As the planned maintenance of the Elizabeth Tower was underway, Lenval Limited were approached to complete the refurbishment of the four clock faces. This refurbishment included intricate replacement of hand-blown opal glass across the four dials, each around 23 feet in diameter with 324 pieces on each clock face.

Lenval Limited selected Repair Care DRY SEAL™ MP as the product for the use on the project, citing that DRY SEAL™ MP held its form well, and was easy to use in the tight angles of the glass sections. Repair Care manufactured the DRY SEAL™ MP in a specific RAL colour as requested by Lenval Limited.

DRY SEAL™ MP is a durable multipurpose glazing sealant for both exterior and interior use, suitable for glazing new windows and renovation projects. It provides excellent adhesion to glass, wood, metal, and stone, with a permanent elastic structure that will not shrink over time.