Brewers has all the kit you need

December 23rd, 2015

Sports and leisure clubs see a high volume of traffic, that combined with the new year and its resolutions mean an influx of health conscious people which can put the decoration at fever pitch. 

Wear and tear experienced with the hustle and bustle of increased foot flow can mean a changing of the goal posts when it comes to the maintenance cycle.

Entrances and Stair Wells

The coatings on the walls and floors of sports and leisure clubs are exposed to a variety of conditions and wear and tear, so robust coatings are required to keep the welcome areas looking fresh and ready for kick off.

For walls Brewers stock a great selection such as: Dulux Diamond Eggshell or Diamond Matt, Crown Clean Extreme Scrubbable Matt or Durable Eggshell and Albany Durable Matt. With floors taken care of with Rust-Oleum Rust-o-thane 9200, Bradite EW99 or Bradite DP5.

Gyms and Fitness Suites

Gyms need to handle the pace – Trainers and shoes pounding changing rooms and training areas, weights being dropped and machines rubbing against surfaces mean fitness suites need products with the muscle to last.

Brewers have a fantastic range of products ideal for high impact environments such as Dulux Diamond Eggshell or Diamond Matt, Crown Clean Extreme Scrubbable Matt or Durable Eggshell, Albany Durable Matt and Bradite EW99.

Car Parks, Pitches and Courts

Car parks, pitches and courts need to be up to the mark, they need to be pitch perfect no matter the time of year. Rust-Oleum Tarmacoat, Car Park Stencils and Rust-Oleum Line Marking Paint are perfect products for the job and available at your local Brewers branch.

Swimming Pools

Dive into pool maintenance with products which are not just water resistant but are also durable and robust with qualities such as mould inhibitors and scrubability. Call in to your local Brewers branch for products tailored to your individual specification.