Graham & Brown: Made For Each Other

May 25th, 2020

A British Brand with unique credentials. 

Graham and Brown have a proud history of over 80 years, not only designing beautiful wallpapers but making them too in their very own factory. They have inspired people to think differently about their walls through innovation, creativity and craftsmanship, covering every possible interior passion, from damasks embellished with flock to artisanal florals there is a wallpaper for every home! Undeniably famous for wallpaper, they have also developed a very high quality paint range to partner perfectly with their wallpaper patterns. 

Paula Taylor, Colour & Trends Specialist at Graham & Brown says “Our objective is to make it easier for our interior-loving customers to find the perfect match for their projects, that’s why our premium wallpapers and paints are partnered up at the design stage and not forced together at the end”.

Artworks are lovingly hand-drawn or hand-painted in the studio by a team of multi-talented surface pattern artists. These artworks can take several days to create, and every creation is carefully archived so it can be drawn upon as inspiration in the future. Completed artworks are then digitised and separated into layers that allow for recolours based on extensive trend forecasting by their stylists, before moving to the proofing stage.

For every wallpaper, four coordinating paint colours are selected, which encompass true colour matches to accents and backdrop colours, as well as contrast colours expertly selected by trend specialists and stylists. If the perfect partner does not exist in the extended range of over 380 colours, a new shade will be developed and produced alongside the wallpaper. The most important thing to us is that customers are able to shop wallpaper and paint that is truly made for each other.

And with the growing awareness of environmental issues, Graham & Brown’s wallpapers are produced on a variety of sustainably sourced papers and for every tree they use as paper, three more are planted; as well as using water based-inks, which are less harmful to the environment.

Both paints and papers are available from your local Brewers Decorator Centre.

Resplendance in Navy, Glasshouse in Green, Allure in Multicoloured, Bloomsbury in Teal, Palma in Midnight, Quarters in Rose/Navy

A key interiors trend in 2020 is the growing desire to delve into the past and use its aesthetics to inform the designs of the future. With an archive of over 30,000 designs, Graham & Brown have a treasure trove to explore.

Wallpaper of the Year for 2020 is Bloomsbury Neo Mint (as seen above), a celebration of the vastly influential creative output of the Bloomsbury Group. Described as the English avant-garde of their era, the Bloomsbury Group gained popularity in the first half of the 20th century and were united by the belief that fine art should inhabit everyday spaces.  As such their namesake is a wallpaper that adorns walls in a brilliant array of hand-painted flowers, insects and foliage, set against a backdrop of Neo Mint, a colour set to be big in 2020. 

As seen in the Spring/Summer edition of the wallpaperdirect magazine. To see more trends and the latest in wallcoverings click here.