The Lewisham School of Muralism: New Artwork

April 20th, 2021

Lewisham Shopping Centre Mural

The Lewisham School of Muralism, led by Artmongers and supported by Brewers Decorator Centres, has completed its first course culminating with the production of an extraordinary participatory mural on the quiet side of Lewisham Shopping Centre.

As part of the course, six students had to learn how to engage a community group on a creative process which would result on an idea for the mural. We engaged eight participants who either were connected to the theme of migration or were local people who wanted to influence the conversation.

The Migration Museum, located at Lewisham Shopping Centre, led the first online session with both participants and students, giving insights on how they approach communication of complex themes or issues for their displays, the museum’s ethos and other topics.

‘This is an original approach, different to thinking people are just constantly good or bad’

Patricio Forrester

“Connecting communities is incredibly important at Lewisham," said Paul Redden from Landsec. "We’re really proud to be able to showcase the mural created by the talented students from the Lewisham School of Muralism."

During the following three workshops, the students took the lead, guiding participants through the creative process. They then discussed what had taken place and how to redirect next sessions to find a good result.

Jo Baker, a Lewisham School of Muralism Student said: "It was a great process to be part of as a student, helping me to understand how to ensure our future work involves the communities it is based in."

‘We're excited to sponsor a project that is sparking creativity, engaging communities and educating participants through the power of paint. We're looking forward to seeing future creations from Patricio and the students’

John Ashton, Brewers Director

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