Paint & Paper Library Launch Brand-New Colours

January 10th, 2023

Nine new shades have been introduced to the Original Colours collection to form as a part of the Paint & Paper Library colour card. 

These striking new colours are designed to stand alone to deliver bold, impactful interiors or work in combination to create strongly contrasting, contemporary design schemes. 

These include:

 ‘Nori’, a blackened teal;

‘Soumak’, a middle-eastern red;

‘Iguana’, a chameleonesque Cayman blue;

 ‘Mchanga’, a red-earth shade found in the river sands of Tanzania;

‘Ruse’, a sophisticated diluted rose colour;

‘Brimstone’, a contemporary mid-strength yellow;

 ‘Mockingbird’, a fabulous profound soft blue;

‘Fynbos’, a bold yet restful hue;

...and the distinctive, elegant green, ‘Sencha’

The compelling pairing of ‘Pollen II’ on the ceiling and ‘Sencha’ on walls and woodwork creates an intimate and inviting bedroom scheme that envelops the space whilst delivering warmth and gravitas.