Sandra from Brewers York Reaches New Heights for Charity!

June 20th, 2023

York branch manager, Sandra decided she was going to take the plunge and undertake a charity skydive for Sands, raising over £700 for such an incredible cause.

The Leap of Love 2023 saw Sandra and others take to the skies to raise money for Sands that strives to save babies’ lives and supporting bereaved families who have experienced the loss of a baby. 

Currently, far too many babies die without scientists, doctors, midwives, or their own parents understanding why. That’s why Sands believe research is vital in improving our understanding of how to save babies’ lives and using that evidence to drive changes in maternity policy and practice.

For more than 40 years, Sands has been there for anyone affected by pregnancy and baby loss to offer understanding and comfort through its Freephone helpline, mobile app, online community and resources, and locally through a UK-wide network of around 100 regional support groups.

Sands works in partnership with health care professionals, trusts and health boards and offers a range of training programmes and bereavement care resources to ensure that every bereaved parent and family receives the best possible care wherever they are in the UK.

Sands supports and promotes research to better understand the causes of baby deaths, improve maternity safety and save babies’ lives. The charity also raises awareness of baby loss and works with governments, key influencers and other stakeholders to make reducing the number of babies dying a priority nationally and locally.

Sandra jumped from 10,000 feet with a free fall at 120/130mph before the parachute opened and she absolutely loved it! Sandra is already looking into her next jump and we couldn’t be prouder!