Supporting Creative Future

March 17th, 2017

Last year, Jeremy Gale at Brewers in Brighton (Freshfield Industrial Estate) was approached to help with Creative Future, a Brighton based charity providing precious opportunities to those in challenging circumstances. 

Creative Future offers “training, mentoring and the chance to publish or exhibit to talented people who lack opportunities due to mental health issues, disability, health, identity or other social circumstance.”

‘It was a very expressive and liberating experience for the group’

Maria Kuipers
Artist & workshop facilitator

Artist and workshop facilitator, Maria Kuipers of West Pier Art, has been working with the team at Brewers’ Brighton, Hove and Worthing branches to supply valuable materials for the Creative Future workshops that take place across Sussex.

Mis-tints, brushes, paint kettles, PVA, dust sheets, rollers, sponges, pencils and lining paper have all been donated to helping the course organisers develop even more exciting workshop courses than they have in the past.

The images below show the collaboration activity at the Lewes workshop, more images are available on the Creative Future website and Facebook page. 

The series of approximately 30 arts workshops were highly successful with great attendance and a clear transformation in the clients by the end of the course.

‘These workshops are a lifeline for people experiencing severe life-limiting issues and enhance their recovery and reintegration through creativity and building confidence and self-esteem’

Matt Freidson
Creative Future

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To find out more about Creative Future and the exceptional support they provide, visit their website.

Maria Kuipers’ work can be viewed at

‘The support we’ve been able to provide to this local charity really has made a difference and we’re extremely proud to be a part of it.’

Jeremy Gale
Brighton branch manager