Adding Colour To A Child's Life

May 30th, 2019

Brewers Decorating Centres are proud to be supporting the Childhood Trust charity and their programme that supports London’s most disadvantaged children. 

The Decorate a Child’s Life programme is a unique project that transforms children's sense of dignity and well-being through renovating their bedrooms and other living spaces.

The reality of home life for 700,000 children, currently living below the poverty line in our capital, often goes unseen. Cramped, inadequate conditions, sometimes even sharing beds.

Volunteers, guided by a professional interior designer (also a volunteer), work side-by-side. They help with deep-cleaning, de-cluttering, painting, hanging wallpaper, assembling flat-pack-furniture, carrying out minor repairs, putting up shelves, pictures, curtains and lots more besides.

Within a day, they create a room to be proud of. This simple act transforms young lives and can put a family back on track.  These can make a tremendous difference to children, both physically and emotionally.

This most recent project was completed in Romford. One of the children in the family was autistic and had asked for a “galaxy themed room,” so the beautiful dark blue paint was a vital part of the finished look.