Create a Colourful Christmas with Albany

December 1st, 2022

Albany Paint can also be used at Christmas…but it doesn’t have to be used on your walls! If you’re looking to inject some colour into your scheme for the festive season, take inspiration from our two Albany Colour palettes:


The Albany Traditional Christmas palette consists of classic reds and greens with a dash of black to add a modern twist. These colours would complement a neutral interior scheme beautifully, creating a traditional, Christmassy warmth.

English Leaf – a bright, bold green

Strawberry – a bright, bold red

Coal – the very darkest Albany colour

Garden Thyme – a zesty, bright green

Berry Head – a deep red shade


For a more un-conventional scheme, the Albany Brights Christmas palette contains the brightest hues to bring instant joy to any space. Throwing out the colour rulebook at Christmas can be a great way to inject some real fun into your room which will create instant Christmas magic. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t smile when they see these colours?

Wimbledon – a bright green

Violet – a pure violet hue

Iced Cupcake – a bold pink

Pollen – the brightest of yellows

Swansbill – a pure, bright orange

Revamp Christmas with Paint:

Painting baubles is perfect for introducing a consistent colour scheme across your decorations. Just be sure you’re using a good primer sealer to ensure the paint sticks. 

Zinsser B-I-N is a great choice for baubles, as this will help the paint stick to a range of different materials. You can use this as inspiration for the rest of your decorations for a consistent approach.

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