Get Comfy and Cosy with these 3 Albany Colour Palettes

November 28th, 2022

A snug is the perfect space to curl up on a sofa and indulge in some you time. Traditionally snugs are small spaces created with the sole intention of relaxation. But how do you decorate a snug or cosy space? We have put together 3 different colour palettes you can use to create a snug, perfect for those chilly winter evenings where all you can think about is feeling cosy and calm.

Natural and Cosy

For a more grounding scheme inspired by the natural world, opt for the natural and cosy palette. 

The combination of warm neutrals and sage-like greens is a fresh take in creating a cosy feel. 

You could use Harescombe on the walls with the complementary Shaldon on the trim, using Jevington and Winslade as accent colours or vice versa.

Harescombe – An earthy, neutral beige.

Shaldon – A light, muted beige.

Jevington - An inviting, deep sage green.

Winslade - A muted mid green with a hint of grey that is calming yet fresh.

This palette provides a great backdrop when layering different textures. 

You could combine faux fur, knitted textures, a neutral check pattern or fabrics made from natural fibres for the ultimate cosy yet uplifting scheme, perfect for chill nights in front of the TV.

Warm and Snug

The warm and snug palette consists of deep reds contrasted with a slightly warmer white to a create a rich and inviting feel. 

You can take either reds on the walls or trim for an impactful scheme, using Winterslow White to lift the palette and add a touch of neutrality, without compromising the warmth of the palette.

Royal Pageant - a dark red, evoking a real sense of passion. 

Winterslow White – a warm, neutral white.

Keymer - a deep pink-ish red. 

Pair the scheme with dark woods to echo the warming nature of the palette. 

This could be the perfect colour combination if you like to spend your time getting lost in the wonder of a new book or taking the time to journal.

Deep and Cocooning

The deep and cocooning palette is a great way to create a snug in a bold way. 

The depth presented in this harmonising palette will leave you feeling as though you are all wrapped up in the space.

Kingsmead – A rich shade of sophisticated red.

Wembury – a muted violet with strong grey undertones.

Meghan – a deep shade of violet.

With a bold palette, choose a colour and take it all the way across the ceiling. 

If the ceiling is still white, this will look harsh against the purples, and you will not achieve the cocooning effect. This also applies to your trim. 

These colours can be a great way to create the perfect atmosphere for movie nights.

Other design elements to consider when decorating your snug:


Make sure you choose the right task lighting dependant on how you plan to use the space. Do you need a reading light for example? 

Also make sure you choose warm lightbulbs in ambient lighting to really enhance the cosy vibes. 

It is also worth noting how lighting will affect paint colour so you might want to decide on lighting first and then choosing some paint samples.


As mentioned, using lots of textures will help create a nice warmth to the space, so make sure you spend time experimenting with soft furnishings.


Comfort is key. Ensure your snug is tailored to the way you like to relax. 

Fill the space with colours, textures and patterns that bring you a sense of calm, enabling you to breathe a sigh of relief as you walk into the space after a long day.

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