Albany Natural Textures

November 30th, 2021

A soft and subtle colour palette based on natural textures for a co-ordinated look and cohesive feel.

Drawing inspiration from organic materials and natural fibres, Albany's Natural Textures creates layers of warm tones to create a rustic feel with the use of neutral colours for an understated look.

Gulls WingAn authentic grey, working in balance with rich creams and country taupe's.

BorrowashA comforting taupe, inspired by a natural hessian weave.

Wavendon - A beautiful, tawny shade that will bring warmth to an interior.

Oatmeal - A soothingly warm white, encapsulating a fresh look.

Incredibly understated Albany Wallpaper Giorgio Check provides the perfect backdrop to the colour palette.

Albany Paint is available in a wide range of finishes, available online or in your local store.

Albany is a trusted paint brand used by professionals and DIYers alike. Each finish is made to a high-quality trade recipe, rich in pigment and high-quality ingredients for superior colour depth and retention. 

Albany paint is exclusively available online or in-store at Brewers Decorator Centres - view the Albany paint range here.

To see the palette up close, click below>>