Channel your Inner Barbie and Create Your Own Dreamhouse

July 20th, 2023

We’re not sure if you’ve heard, but pink is a pretty big deal right now! With the highly anticipated Barbie hitting cinemas today, we wanted to inspire you with all things pink to help you realise your barbiecore dreamhouse.

1. We have to start with Mylands’ colour of the year

Mylands embraced the Barbiecore trend early and showing how the most shocking pink can actually be the most chic! Shocking Pink – FTT-006™ is a bold and bright pink made from a strong mix of red and magenta. FTT-006™ is a captivating hue with unique character and energy.

2. Sulking Room Pink from Farrow & Ball

Sulking Room Pink is a more romantic pink. The muted rose colour has a huge amount of warmth and looks incredibly soft…perfect for a bedroom. 

3. Paint & Paper Library’s Powder Architectural Family

Paint & Paper Library’s Architectural Families provide colours in varying strengths of the same pigment for harmonious and coordinated decorating. ‘Powder’ is a delicate shade with discreet warm pink undertones, perfect for embracing a fully pink space that adds real depth.

Powder V’, its most intense hue used to highlight architectural detailing on a ceiling and cornicing, will create impact but remain elegant and harmonious when paired with the softer hues of ‘Powder III’ on walls and the lightest hue, ‘Powder I’, on skirting and woodwork.

4. Little Greene’s Ashes of Roses

Ashes of Roses is a soft brownish red, displaying depth and discretion. It can also be coordinated with Confetti, a delicate shade with celebratory charm, creating a romantic ambience.

5. Mallow Blush by Albany

Embrace the sugary side of pink with Mallow Blush. This pink is designed to delight can be used to really sweeten your room!

See how our customers have used pinks in their home:

What pink would you use in your dreamhouse? With thousands of colours to choose at Brewers, grab your paintbrush and live your Barbie truth!