Bedec Barn Paint Now Available in Matt!

August 11th, 2023

A popular option for barns, stables, outbuildings and sheds, Bedec Barn Paint is tough and durable, whilst also providing excellent colour retention. Now available in a Matt finish, Bedec Barn Paint gives you even more versatility to your exterior decorating.

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Bedec Barn Paint can be applied to previously painted surfaces, even those coated with tar varnish, weathered bitumen or creosote, provided there are no loose powdery deposits. 

It provides excellent resistance against cracking, blistering and flaking whilst also preventing rot and algae build up…it’s all really easy to apply!

Durable and tough, the product is also a flexible micro-porous protective coating, with excellent colour retention. Available in 21 colours, you have a fantastic choice of traditional wood shades and contemporary colours.

Bedec Barn Paint is suitable for a variety of tasks and recommended for use on fences, gates, cladding (wood, metal and cement fibre), farm equipment, tanks, gutters, drainpipes and many more. The finish is also suitable for weathered substrates such as galvanising and plastisol cladding.

Bedec Barn Paint is also available to buy in semi-gloss and satin finishes. Order in your local Brewers or online today!