Follow that Duck Art Trail is Now Live!

June 27th, 2022

Earlier in the year we announced a very exciting live art trail coming to Bexhill, Hastings and St Leonards which is now live! 

Artists from across the country have painted a flock of 30 5ft rubber ducks and local schools have painted 21 smaller rubber duckling sculptures, creating a fantastic live art trail. We had the honour of sponsoring Duckin’ and Divin’ which can be seen on Bexhill Seafront after it's debut in Egerton Park. The duck has been painted by the incredibly talented artist David Maguire who used Albany Paint Colours to bring his duck to life! Read more about David and his work here.

An array of Albany rainbow colours features on the duck including Strawberry, Cherry, Sussex Gold, Pollen, Tangerine, Orange Cream, Riverbank, Greenacre, Marseille, Kentucky Blue, Blueberry, Marvellous Purple, Darling, Lip Gloss, Lightly Whipped and Black Hole. Take the children to discover the sculpture and see how many colours they can spot!

The trail is live until the 4th of September which gives you an entire summer to get outdoors and discover all the ducks. Download the Follow that Duck App and unlock rewards when you discover the duck sculptures and be sure to unlock the reward for Duckin’ and Divin’ where you will receive a quacking freebie with Brewers*!

*Terms and conditions apply

Download the app or head to the Follow that Duck website to see all the locations where every duck sculpture can be found.

We would love to see your discovery of our Duckin’ and Divin’ duck sculpture, so be sure to tag us on Facebook or Instagram @BrewersPaints