Muralists at the Ready!

January 21st, 2021

Students at the Lewisham School of Muralism had the opportunity to put their skills to work last November during their first practical spray-painting session.

Launched in 2020, the Lewisham School of Muralism (LSOM) is an enterprise that aims to train the next generation of muralists. Founded by Patricio Forrester of Artmongers, and proudly sponsored by Brewers, the school invites young artists to embark on an 18-week course to gain the skills and knowledge needed to transform communities through muralism - find out more here.

This first practical painting session - and essential part of their training - took place at the studio of street artist Lionel Stanhope, in Ladywell, southeast London. Lionel has been guest tutoring at the LSOM alongside founder Patricio.

Students brought along an image they'd been working on during classes, and then had the challenge of enlarging it to fit the new canvas. 

"This practical session was all about building skill and technique," said Patricio. "Our students had to think about their use of space and, of course, practise painting images vertically which can be tricky to master. Painting with sprays is a different experience to painting with brushes also. The students really benefitted from having their first session delivered by Lionel, who has such experience."

And the images show what a huge success the session was!

‘This practical session was all about building skill and technique.  Our students had to think about their use of space and, of course, practise painting images vertically’

Patricio Forrester

"There was a fantastic air of something very positive happening," said Patricio. "Everyone was very happy with their work and thrilled with learning how to spray."

The students will continue to develop their practical skills during sessions every Saturday, alongside their class-based learning. During Lockdown, they will paint a wall at home, using paints supplied by Brewers Decorator Centre in Peckham.

"The next step will be working towards a collaborative piece of art using all the skills they've gained, and involving the community in the process," said Patricio. 

We certainly can't wait to see what they produce! 

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Photos: Helen Murray

*All footage shot in November 2020 pre latest lockdown