Red, not just for Christmas

November 14th, 2017

Bringing you beautiful palettes from the most inspiring paint brands, Brewers has a colour for everyone.  Here, Mylands colour experts offer interiors inspiration and ideas for decorating with the colour red.

No. 288 Indian Lake
No. 288 Indian Lake

Warm, rich and regal, red is a real show-stopper and with an impressive selection of vivacious and vibrant shades in Mylands palette, it’s easy to find the right hue;  each available in a choice of paint finish for beautiful homes, inside and out.

Classic or contemporary, red is a joy to decorate with and it’s surprisingly versatile with striking results whatever the style.

Red evokes feelings of luxury, passion and regal interiors with its elegant touch and air of grandeur. Its use is age old in historic settings; take a cue from the past and use it as the backdrop to display a collection of art or collectables.  

Dining rooms and kitchens look fabulous in red, especially under the silvery tones of candlelight. Balance the drama of red with a soft neutral shade in complementary colours, fabrics, furnishings or accessories.

Red works wonderfully in a study or creative space, stimulating the senses and energising the mind. Use it as an accent or to enhance an architectural or decorative feature to create thoughtful zoned areas.