Paint & Paper Library Launch 3 New Architectural Colour Families

September 20th, 2022

In addition to an updated colour palette, the new Paint & Paper Library colour card sees the launch of three additional families of softly graduated Architectural Colours. 

Provided in varying strengths of the same pigment for harmonious and coordinated decorating, these new colour families include ‘Powder’, a delicate shade with discreet warm pink undertones and the ultimate neutral ‘Cashmere’, which provides a gentle yet alluring warmth and a restful ambience. 

Architectural colour family, Cashmere I, Cashmere II, Cashmere III, Cashmere IV and Cashmere V

Related pairings with their subtle nuances of shade will create a gentle coordinated feel, whilst combining the deepest hue with the palest will deliver a more dramatic tonal scheme. 

Architectural colour family, Sprig I, Sprig II, Sprig III, Sprig IV and Sprig V

Powder V’, its most intense hue used to highlight architectural detailing on a ceiling and cornicing, will create impact but remain elegant and harmonious when paired with the softer hues of ‘Powder III’ on walls and the lightest hue, ‘Powder I’, on skirting and woodwork.

Architectural colour family, Powder I, Powder II, Powder III, Powder IV and Powder V