Beautiful Artist-tree in Brighton

April 26th, 2023

Brewers were thrilled to see the unveiling of the finished Preston Twin Elm, after supplying specialist woodcare products that would meet the specialist needs of the project.

Artist Elpida worked on the project for two years and the finished piece can now be enjoyed by passers by in Preston Park. 

The sculpture sits in its original position after being infected with Elm disease. 

The tree had to be felled in 2019 due to the disease, leaving its twin to stand alone. 

The twin elms are loved by the local community in Brighton and so the council wanted to preserve what was left of the original tree.

It was a painstaking process, to preserve and restore the tree. 

The team from Brewers Freshfield and RepairCare where there to find exactly the right products and know how for Elpida to use. 

The tree has been preserved using Toupret Wood Hardener and Bird Brand Complete+ Superior Wood Preserver to protect against the elements, decorated with Dutch metal and bespoke metalwork to mimic the lines seen in the tree caused by beetles.

The grand unveiling took place in Preston Park last week, with many visitors coming to see the finished piece and congratulate Elpida on all her efforts.

It was a true pleasure to be able to see the finished piece and we wish Elpida all the very best with her future projects!