Proud Decorators: 18ft wallpaper? No problem

July 30th, 2018

Introducing Ed Holyoake, our next featured Proud Decorator!

Ed was approached by the Towner Art Gallery in Eastbourne to hang wallpaper for an artist’s exhibition, but not just any wallpaper... one with an 18ft drop and approx. 5ft wide!

Ed and a fellow decorator worked around the clock for 2 days. The wallpaper was a digital print of a hand printed wallpaper chosen by the artist and when pasted, weighed a lot! The borders were trimmed and then spliced when hanging.

Ed first got involved in decorating thanks to his father who has been a specialist in decorating for the last 56 years. Ed thrives on challenges and rarely turns down work, but in particular loves completing those difficult jobs that could easily be turned down. 

“I really enjoyed getting to see the artist’s exhibition and be a part of it, knowing that members of the public will also see my work“.

“When a difficult job is completed it’s always a buzz, especially being praised by others and clients”.