Proud Decorators: Grade II Listed Building in Mayfair

December 16th, 2020

We welcome another #ProudDecorator with a project to share with our decorating community. This time we hear from Operations Director, Nathan Smith from Wandsworth Sash Windows on how his team helped transform a beautiful Grade II listed building in one of London’s central, affluent neighbourhoods with the aid of a little Brewers magic.

Nathan and his team of passionate Sash Window Repair and Replace Specialists are dab hands at renovating properties, particularly elegant Georgian and Victorian townhouses, and exclusive hotels notoriously found in the more prestigious areas of London - this particular Grade II listed property in Mayfair was no exception.

“Our client was getting ready to move into the property and the windows were in a terrible condition. Being a listed building, permission to replace the windows was very unlikely, so we set to work on repairing the sash windows back to their original beauty. We removed the sashes, burnt off the paint from the existing box frames and sashes all the way back to bare timber, removing 120 years’ worth of paint, or more.  We then used a combination of Brewers 2-part Styrene Free Wood Filler and Repair Care Dry Fix and Repair Care Easy-Q after scraping out rot to return the sashes to a nice, even, and smooth finish. There was a huge amount of sanding and filling to do, but our sash window experts took the time, precision and care to ensure that our work will allow these windows to stand the test of time for another 120 years.

Once the burning off, filling and sanding was done – it was time to paint. We recommended using Dulux paints to the customer, and they were happy to agree. A combination of Dulux Primer, Undercoat, Gloss and Satinwood was used to get the best finish possible.

With new draught seal brushes and solid brass ironmongery fitted, you can see the difference that was made”.