Proud Sponsors of Shine: Let There Be Light!

October 31st, 2022

Canterbury Festival is delighted to welcome light and sound artists Luxmuralis to Canterbury Cathedral for the very first time this autumn from 3 – 5 November. 

Brewers are proud to sponsor Shine: Let There Be Light, where Luxmuralis will bring together three of their most popular and moving light and sound experiences – exploring life on Earth, the wonders of Space and the discoveries of Science. 

Highlighting the architectural features of the majestic cathedral, these three experiences have been digitally and artistically created by artistic collaboration Luxmuralis, with soundscapes composed by David Harper and projections created by sculptor, Peter Walker. 

Visitors are invited to journey through immersive sound and light installations in different areas of the sacred space - spanning the Quire, Trinity Chapel and lofty peaks of the newly refurbished Nave. 

The installations will take audiences to the edge of the universe, through emerging galaxies, then from sunrise to sunset, journeying through the beauty of planet Earth. Accompanying this, further installations will bring viewers face to face with the key discoveries and the beauty of science, allowing us to reflect on the scale of all things, from the vastness of space, to the smallest cells and atoms that make up our world.

The artworks enable contemplation on our human existence, the creation of our planet and our human impact upon it. The sounds and textures of humanity, extinction and time are portrayed, as well as the contributions of science in understanding the physical world around us. 

Shine: Let There Be Light will take place from Thursday 3 November to Saturday 5 November, time slots are available every 15 minutes from 5.30pm but advanced booking is required. Tickets are priced at £12 for adults and £10 for under 16s. The tour is expected to take 45 minutes and requires walking and navigating steps in limited light. 

Because access to all areas of the cathedral may be limited for those with mobility or other special requirements, a limited tour (Nave only) will be available on Thursday 3 November at 5pm at the reduced price of £6. 

For more information and booking visit or call the Box Office on 01227 457568.